Special exhibition

03.12.2013 - 31.08.2014

Books comprehend the soul of the bygone time, once said the Scottish philosopher and historian Thomas Carlyle. For you, dear visitor, this special exhibition is an opportunity to wander through this bygone time by looking at books with a focus on military history from five centuries out of our museum library. Thus, you can get an overview of the permanent exhibition in our museum. You will discover prestigious and sometimes extremely rare works alongside our splendid volume near the entry. Ramble through five centuries, from the beginning of the standing armies to the paratroopers of the Austrian Armed Forces. The oldest work shown here, which was published in 1555, is almost half a millennium old, the heaviest book weighs over 25 kg and the smallest is just 6 cm high. In addition, you will also get a glimpse behind the scenes. Two clips will show you the work of the museum library and our book restoration workshop.

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