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Your event - our great historical ambience!

Only a picture can tell what thousands of words can't. The magnificent ambience of the museums architecture will make your event an unforgettably great one.





The following rooms are available:


Hall of Fame:

Ground Plan

Size: 627,5 m2 Banquet: max. 200 Personen Cocktail: up to approximately 300 persons

A picture may only uncompletely review the fascination of this room. You have to reside in the hall and let the frescos of Carl v. Blaas, the pompous dome and the architectural brilliance put an impression on you.

Hall of generals:  (size: 423 m2)

 max. 200 persons

Technical equipment

TOA-tone machine plus 2 microphones

mobile radio tone machine including 6 radio speakers


In addition to all that the following furniture is available in the museum:

17 tables for catering

200 chairs

20 tables (Ø 80 cm)

16 paravents (0,70 cm x 2,20 m)  

1 rostrum (9 m x 2,80 m x 0,50 cm)  

2 luminaries

We'd gladly support you in choosing a caterer.



Further Informations:


Marion Unlaub

Tel. 01/79561 10-60230
Fax: 01/79561 10-17707
e-mail: m.unlaub(at)

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