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Rent the Museum 

Your event - our great historical ambience!

Only a picture can tell what thousands of words can't. The magnificent ambience of the museum's architecture will make your event an unforgettably great one. 

Whether dinner, reception, lectures, presentation or wedding - we offer the perfect setting for your event with a unique historical ambience in the oldest museum building in Vienna!

The following places are available for selection:

Hall of Fame

The most splendid hall of the museum is almost 30 meters high and impressively decorated, also by the frescoes of the artist Carl Blaas.

Size: 627.5 m² (side halls additionally 2 x 127 m²)
Banquet: max. 200 people
max. 300 people

Hall of Generals

The amazing Hall of Generals is a memorable reception room. 56 marble statues of Austrian army leaders escort every event.

Size: 423 m²
max. 200 people

Café Salut

The heart warming Café Salut offers a friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere.

Size: 115m² 
max. 40 Personen 

Hall of Francis Joseph

In the Hall of Francis Joseph  you will find enough space for readings, lectures or presentations between the objects of the permanent exhibition.

Size: 115 m² 
max. 80 Personen

Technical equipment

TOA-tone machine plus 2 microphones

mobile radio tone machine including 6 radio speakers


In addition to all that the following furniture is available in the museum:

20 tables for catering

200 chairs

20 tables (Ø 80 cm)

16 paravents (0,70 cm x 2,20 m)  

1 rostrum (9 m x 2,80 m x 0,50 cm)  

2 luminaries

We'd gladly support you in choosing a caterer.

Wedding at the HGM 

One of the oldest and most beautiful museums in the world was built under emperor Francis Joseph and dedicated to his loyal army..

Loyalty, reliability and courage are characteristics of our house and marriage. Therefore this the ideal place to get married. 

The wedding takes place in the Francis Joseph hall, where the bride and groom meet the registrar. The succession of the wedding party may be defined by our guests.

After the celebration it's possible to choose between the following services: 

- Welcome sparkling wine in the hall of generals

- Welcome sparkling wine in the hall of generals with subsequent dinner in the hall of fame (The buffet may be organised by the HGM or the guests) 

- Children's programme (doing handicrafts and explore the house!) 

Contact and Information

Marion Unlaub

Phone: +43 1 79561 10-60230
Fax: +43 1 79561 10-17707