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Thank you very much for your donation to the Museum of Military History / MHI.

Since its founding, the focus of the collection and acquisition policy of the museum has been on objects, which form the basis for the processing of the Austrian (military) history. The main collection areas are devoted to the army and its environment, starting with the time of the Thirty Years' War to the recent past and the current documentation of the Austrian Armed Forces of the Second Republic.

Objects are acquired for this purpose, whereby the selection is made primarily on the basis of pragmatic criteria: The significance of the respective object for the Austrian military history, the uniqueness of an object, the respective state of preservation, etc.

On average, the new acquisitions of the Museum of Military History reach an amount of around 3,500 to 4,000 objects a year. When objects are added to the collections, they are maintained and stored in accordance with current conservatory standards in order to preserve them in the best possible condition for future generations and, if necessary, to be able to present them at exhibitions.

Due to the abundance of objects, we ask for your understanding that not all offered objects can actually be accepted by the museum.

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Thank you very much for supporting the Museum of Military History with a donation.

Financial benefits and donations to our company up to 10% of the profit (before deduction of the profit allowance) may be deducted as business expenses of companies or up to 10% of the total income of the respective year as special expenses of private individuals.

They provide important support in the preservation of valuable objects, the deepening of our research work and the expansion of our educational programme.

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