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Telecommunication Collection

In the Starhemberg barracks in the 10th district of Vienna, the " telecommunications collection" of the Museum of Military History is accommodated, which includes a significant number of historical signaller equipment (such as extinguishing radio transmitter and receiver, telegraph and telex, radio transmitting and receiving equipment, etc.). It starts at historically valuable exhibits from the 19th century, via messaging and encryption techniques of the “Cold War” to current military communications technology. An impressive overview of the means of communication in the field of Austrian military throughout its history is offered to the visitors.


Gußriegelstraße 45, 1100 Wien


A tour through this collection is possible by contacting Obst. Prikowitsch  43 664/ 8876 3889



The soldiers of the Signal Corps School Vienna in the Starhemberg casern received a special guest on March 2017. Heinz Fischer, the President of Austria and commander of the Austrian army, returned to the place where he has done his military service in 1958.

Almost 52 years ago, on March 11, 1958, Heinz Fischer enlisted for his nine-month-lasting military service in the former Army Telegraph Battalion in the Franz-Ferdinand casern (today Starhemberg casern) as radio-telephone operator.  After receiving military honour, the President welcomed the soldiers of the Telecommunication Corps School. Afterwards school commander brigadier Reiner Kubiska presented the varied tasks of signallers and the modern equipment of today’s soldiers.

On occasion of Heinz Fischer’s visit former comrades of his military service accompanied him.  Together they visited the Telecommunication Museum, where they were even able to get a look at the equipment from the time of their military service. Moreover Heinz Fischer showed that he has not forgotten how to send a morse code on radio teletype SCR399.

A reunion with his former instructor Helmut Krumhuber was a special astonishment to Heinz Fischer. The visit at the museum was improved by some light-hearted memories from former times. Subsequently the Federal President took the opportunity to have a conversation with the soldiers of the Signal Corps School about their experience in telecommunications.

The Signal Corps school is a school of professional soldiers and every year approximately 1,100 trainees complete their education. The technical equipment and extensive training put high demands on the quality of teaching staff.