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Bunker System Ungerberg
Temporarily closed because of technical maintenance

The Ungerberg Installation (FAn U3) was built in 1959/60 as one of the first constructions of the bunker line. This line, with its permanent defences and other fortifications was basically completed in 1964 and during the Cold War was to serve as the first line of defence against any attacks from the east.


Interior view Apart from armaments and a medical station, the Ungerberg Installation (FAn U3) conceals a command post, a kitchen and sleeping quarters for up to 40 soldiers beneath the two-and-a-half metre layer of concrete.

Opening hours:

Closed in July and August!

Opening hours (from September until June) : 

Guided Tours every Thursday (except public holidays)  at 10:00 am and every last saturday of the month at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

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Tel: + 43 664 887 63 886

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