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Sound Gallery

For our youngest visitors we are transforming the museum into a place of the senses. Listening, seeing and touching are in the foreground. Impressive reverberations can be created from beneath the museum’s cupola, and 17th century paintings are animated by the most diverse sounds: Who can find the drummer boy and beat the rhythm on the drum himself? In this way, the first visit to a museum will surely become a most memorable one.

Curious head gear

Your first time at a museum? Together, we will look at the many different kinds of headgear and think about which function they had in the past, whether they were used for protection against injuries, as adornments or as symbols of power. We will also get to know to other curious garments, like the cervellière (steel skull cap). In the ensuing workshop, everybody will have the chance to make their own headgear. 

Becoming a Grand Admiral

The expeditions of the 19th century are the focus of our considerations. Original ship models impress us with their attention to detail, whereby we, circumnavigators, are especially interested in the frigate “Novara”.  Another expedition leads us the permafrost of the Arctic. What were explorers looking for in this inhospitable place, and which sensational discoveries did they eventually make? These and other questions can be answered by our young visitors in a cross-word puzzle. At the end of their visit, our youngest visitors can do some handicraft work.