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Happy Birthday! 

Your child's special day

For all seven to 12-year-olds who would like to experience something extraordinary on their birthday our museum is just the thing.  Here, knight's armour and noble garments await brave time travellers, who would like to transform into knights, damsels, and hearty Musketeers. During a side-trip to the far-away orient, a strange thing is discovered, and a visit to the Turkish tent will surely remain unforgotten.

Upon agreement, the young adventurers can pose as sailors, toeing the line of pirates and explorers.  Finally, the pupils can engage in a tricky game, all surrounded by the sound of the sea. Ship ahoy!

Costs: € 169,- including care, educational programme, and children’s tea, plus small surprises for all participants.

Number of participants: 10; for each additional participant we charge €10,- 
Maximum number of participants per group:  12 (note: for more than twelve children, a second education officer would be required).  

The party lasts between 2  and 2 1/2 hours. If you leave your address, we can send you our new invitation cards.