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Special Exhibitions

Special exhibition (28th of March until 29th of October 2017)

“Museumsding bought, donated, bequeathed – New acquisitions from the years 2007 to 2017


How could a supposedly simple pair of boots become part of a museum’s collection? Why would a military museum collect a conductor’s baton of all things? What stories are hidden behind a set of prayer beads with a barely recognizable Maria Theresa Thaler from Chad? The new special exhibition presents a qualitative and, because of the minimal available space, merely fragmented profile of 78 objects—out of the nearly 48,000 that the museum has acquired within the last ten years. Until now, only a small amount of objects could be integrated into the permanent exhibitions of the museum, though some were loaned to external exhibitions. However, even if the majority of these objects stay in the depots of our collection, awaiting their placement in an exhibit, they all have one thing in common: they will be preserved for future generations and will help us tell “our story.

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