Boatpatrol Korneuburg

Experience Austrian naval history!

Substation port Korneuburg, shipyard.


Historical Patrolboats of the Austrian Armed Forces


Technical Data:

Waterdisplacement:  10,83 t.

Length over all: 12,30 m,

Beam: 2,51 m.

Draft: 0,80 m.

Toplevel : 3,30 m, plus antenna 1,90 m.

Shell of steel 4-6 mm.

2 Rudders.

Speed: 27 km/h.

Outreach with one tank 500 l: 300 km.


Technical data:

Waterdisplacement:  73,06 t.

Length over all: 29,64 m,

Beam: 5,41 m.

Draft: 1,10 m.

Top level: 8,11 m, plus antenna

Shell 9-12 mm Aluminium.

Armour 8 mm VOEST special-steel.

Speed: 41 km/h consumption of 2 x 150 Liter diesel fuel per hour

Outreach with full tanks Tanks 9,3: 1700 km.


From the 1st June 2014 until the 5th of October 2014 every first sunday of the month between 09.00 am -12.00 am

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